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Here come 2 savvy photo chix from the stix……..

We decided to write about each other, thinking that might be easier since it’s so hard to describe yourself!

About us: We are 2 fun chicks who love to take pictures, both of us work for Bella Baby Photography, and do this on the side, each of us had our own photography businesses and then decided to merge so you’d get the best of both us. We do photograph our own clients individually and then on occasion we shoot sessions together. For weddings and engagement sessions you get the both us! We both shoot with professional Nikon DSLR cameras and have quite an array of equipment between the both of us,so watch out! We love to have fun when we are shooting, our idea of a great photo shoot is using natural light in a candid atmosphere, we aren’t the typical posy posy photographers. Yet we do understand there is a need for some posy pictures too, we are all about catering to what your wants and needs are. Yes we stand in rivers to get the right pictures, yes Carrie has laid on a dance floor to get some really neat images of people dancing; so yes we tend to think outside the box to provide you with some truly unique images!

Meet Carrie:
A few words to describe Carrie: Wife, Mom, Daughter, Sister, business owner and wanna be farmer. Yes Carrie is the one that lives truly out in the stix, where the cows go moooooo! Carries is married to Travis and they live in the outskirts of Sandwich and have been married for 20 years. They have two children, Haley and TJ, Haley is 17 going on 25 and aspiring to follow in Carrie photography footsteps which has to be exciting as a mom when you can see that. Haley recently started driving which might put Carrie over the edge here shortly! Haley loves Horses so between her and Carrie you will see plenty of stunning horse images through out the website. TJ is 12 and a mama’s boy! He’s all about sports and good ole’ Carrie and Travis head to every game possible! TJ loves all things boy like, race cards, 4 wheeling out on their farm, and last but not least fishing with dad! Oh let’s not forget Payton the miniature pincher dog, he runs the roost over there! Carrie has a fetish of coffee cups and paper, don’t ask me why but this girl is a magnet for those things, but i suppose that’s what makes her so unique! A few of Carrie’s hobbies include; scrapbooking, shopping, exercising, family time, searching the web for creative things, shopping antique markets- yes the inside of her house is a trendy vintage country style!

Meet Amber:
Amber is to put it simply…the best of left and right brained. She is one of those ladies that has it all together. (or she has me really fooled but I am thinking she has just got it going!) Besides I don’t like to be
Amber, like she said works at Bella Baby Photography, which brought us both back together after a few years of not seeing each other at our other shared interest….exercise. We used to work out at the same place…yadda yadda…Anyway, Bella brought us together and here we are.
Amber has the cutest son, Reese. This kiddo will get your heart strings from moment one! When he says HEY Baby! =) (courtesy Matt, Reese’s dad) you are hooked. Matt, Amber’s other half is a Yorkville home boy. A fireman for Yorkville and dedicated City worker, they are the true small town family. Pride in what they do, in their home and in each other. You can find Amber at the park or the water park in town with Reese any night he wants go. She is so good at finding that perfect balance.
Amber is someone who is very organized. Which makes us a good pair because I can have ideas, and I can get stuff done, but she is detailed, and has neat files and documents and it always impresses the heck out of me that she can be so creative too. Left and Right…..she is total balance.
A little more about Amber is that she has great taste in clothes, shoes, purses…her house is super cute… she a boat boy (aka Matt), she is a picky eater (though I won’t knock her for that) she scrapbooks, water skis, and can multi task up a storm…..and last but not least- she is gorgeous.
The thing about her is you have to love her even though you want to be like, “ugh how can one woman do and be all that”…but you can’t not love her. She is a big hearted, fun woman who I am proud to be partnered with and most of all call my friend!

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