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Chapel in the Pines – Sycamore, Illinois Wedding- Jessica + David

What an amazing day! After our long cold spell, rain and true spring weather we reached this past weekend…. May 21, 2016…a beautiful, breezy, sunny day. A perfect day for an outdoor wedding. In true fashion, Chapel in the Pines in Sycamore was a wonderful setting for this wonderful bride and groom to say I do and it was set up just perfectly. The bride and groom started at the hotel getting ready and building their excitement.  There they exchanged gifts with one another. They also spoiled their bridesmaids & groomsman in the wedding with some pretty cool gifts!

The festivities really began after the shuttle over to the chapel where we did formal photos, and their first look before exchanging their vows.

The love between these two was apparent all day. Tears were shed. Laughter was abundant! Their friends and family truly were there to celebrate their love of one another and their guests love for them!

There were touching moments of memories of loved ones past, and a joyous celebration to be had all night!

Here are some of their memories..our little sneak peek for them to enjoy!

May you live happily ever after and feel the love and support of one another and your family and friends as much as you did this day!

Carrie & Amber


How did you meet?

It all started in May of 2011 when I worked as a cashier at Wal-Mart and he worked in the automotive department of       Wal-Mart. I was on my break and he happened to walk through the break room. I glanced up and and he smiled at me and I remember thinking wow that guy has an amazing smile! Well I was too shy to say anything to him, so I had told my friend who happened to be his boss that I loved David’s smile. So he told David to give me a huge smile every time he saw me and that’s what he did!! 🙂 We talked for a couple months and on September 19, 2011 is where he made it official as he asked me, to,be his girlfriend. We were playing the game of “Things” over at our friends house. He sneaky snuck an answer card onto my phone that was in the kitchen and sent me a text so that I would find it. It read “I love you, will you be my babe forever?” and that is how our dating started.

How did he propose?

In May of 2014, we became homeowners of our first house. For the past couple months we played kings in the corner almost every day. We have a fully finished basement and hadn’t really had much time to hangout in it. So it was Wednesday August 6th, 2014 and we had just finished dinner and I said “hey babe why don’t we go down and play kings in the corner?!” So i said I will start a load of laundry and you go set up the game. Our laundry room is attached to the living room. So I went to start the laundry and noticed it was very quiet so I peaked my head out of the door and noticed he had set up the game and was kneeling on one knee, and I said to him ” why are you sitting like that and he said cause its comfortable so I went back to finish the laundry. I came back out and he had not moved and I said ” what are you doing, you look weird sitting like that (not knowing this was about to be the biggest question I have ever answered in my life!). He said babe come here I want a hug. So I walked over there hugged him and he said “Jess I love you, can I have a kiss?” Of course I said yes… and we kissed. He then reached to his back pocket pulling something out and asking ” will you marry me?” I said YES!!!! I also asked if this was real? We both laughed and he said yes it is and I started to ball! This was one of the best days of our lives!

What is your favorite memory together (aside from the proposal)?

Our favorite memory is….. all of the memories we have made throughout the past 5 years together! We love each other so much and are perfect and compliment each other! And we cannot wait to make more memories as we grow together and start a family. Our wedding day was amazing and perfect in so many ways!


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