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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow……

Winter photos in the midwest can be so much fun. Brrr…. baby it’s cold outside! Back in

Brrr…. baby it’s cold outside! Back in January, a photographer friend of mine called me up to do some winter wonderland snow photos!  What a treat! This was so much fun and after the winter we have had, it is certainly best if you can just embrace it! Little Mason was an amazing trooper through the entire shoot and lasted much longer than any of us had expected. He was having so much fun outside and probably was enjoying the freedom and fresh air after being inside for so long. Maybe that is why we all enjoyed the shoot so much. In Illinois, we are blessed with 4 seasons. Don’t forget all of them can be amazing to capture the beauty of the weather…and, of course, the beauty of the family!

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