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We attended a kick a$$ photography conference recently in St. Louis.

What a great time learning and being inspired by photographers from all over the country! Photographers, being creatives are used to working and capturing images…but even they need a recharge, reset and to be inspired by one another in our craft. This is the place to do it!

On our down time, which we had to create because you could be shooting or learning pretty much around the clock….we went to the arch for the first time (for both of us).  We ate at the Cardinals Stadium, which is really nice (but shhh, we are from Chicago and that may be something we are not “suppose” to say out loud! We missed the Chicago Blackhawks by a day… so you better believe next year we will be checking the hockey schedule. haha….We spent our time photographing and had some class room time.  Over all, it was just a great time and inspiration for us both! Here are a few shots from our time there.


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