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Wedding FAQ

Do you offer Engagement Sessions?

Yes we do, the session is complimentary with our high end wedding package. We encourage the engagement session it helps us get to know you and your fiance better before the big day!

Are you the person who will shoot my wedding?
Yes, we will both shoot your wedding unless you chose the ala’ carte option. If one of us in not available we may bring in one other photographer who we have hand selected to work with us. We NEVER book weddings when we are both of us are unavailable. We DO NOT subcontract out weddings.

How many photographers will cover my wedding?
Depending on your package selection we typically shoot with 2. Again, Ala’ carte is only one, but our package includes 2. We believe this is vital to capturing the candid moments that only photographer would struggle to get, 2 is STANDARD with us.

Are the images on your site taken by just you?
Yes, all images are taken by us.  If we have a 3rd wedding shooter for some reason and the images they captured are on here, it would be less than 2%.

What equipment will you use to shoot at my wedding?
We are strictly digital photographers. We both shoot with 2 professional SLR camera’s with multiple lenses.
Between us we have a mini arsenal, backup for backup sort of thing.

Do you shoot in color or a combo of black & white, and color?
We shoot all of our images in color. Occasionally we offer an image in only black and white, but we shoot everything in color and with the magic of post production we can change the look of that color image to give you many looks. Some of those are sepia, black and white & fun action finishes when appropriate.

Are packages customized to me?
Recently we have put together two packages which features the most popular options that most brides choose. You do have the option of customizing with us, the choice is ALWAYS yours. We include a consultation to be sure you have what you need and want.

Will we be able to view online and have a gallery for friends and family?
Yes! We have images posted in about 45-60 days (after production time, honeymoon time..) and will email your password and links for you to share with whomever you want. Online viewing is available for 60 days. Ordering for friends and family is made simple and anyone can order online.

What type of proof album will be available?
Currently we offer the online gallery which is included in all packages. It is the most popular to use so you will not have to make a commitment to meet with people in person in order for them to see your images.

Do you offer Wedding Albums?

Yes we do, we have a variety of different sizes and types to fit all budgets. We include a 10×10 lay flat book in our larger wedding package. All of our albums and books are custom designed for you to tell your story.

Can I get my images on a flash drive or digitally?
Digital images are available on a flash drive both as Ala’ Carte and in both of our wedding packages. The flash drive comes with full printing rights and is not watermarked.

When can I expect to get to see the proofs? Orders? and Albums?
45-60 days after your wedding, images will be posted to view.
After you order, images arrive in about 7-10 business days.
Canvas art , and special orders can take longer, usually we plan on about 3-4 weeks. Time of year, and what is ordered can change that time frame to be sooner or maybe a tad bit longer depending. Albums take 4-6 weeks after designed and ordered.

When is the deposit due? balance due?
A minimum of a $500 deposit plus tax is due at time of signing our contract. The remaining balance is due 30 days before at the final consultation (this is when we go over any last minute details). We believe it is best to not have to ask for money from anyone the day of the wedding. As everyone has enough to be doing that day and we want it to be as unbusiness like as possible for you. Its all about the fun. Love. and happily ever after from that day forward.

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